User Control

  1. Create User Control

To create a User Control, use the "User/Control" link in the Object panel menu. The link is only available to account owners.

Action Type - Report

Action definition format for reports:

reportid timeinterval [param]


Motion Y

*22 T

*23 4 100

Action Type - Chart

Action definition format for charts:

paramid timeinterval


V 4


Action Type - Command

Action definition format for commands:

handlerid1 commandbody1

handleridN commandbodyN


Coban **,imei:%IMEI,J
Kingwo *HQ2011BB1#

Additional format - for a fixed object


IDENT uniqid command

uniqid - uniq object ident
command - text of command

Action Type - Open Dialog

With this action, you can open a dialog for the selected object. Available dialogs: Chart, Track or Report. This desired dialog identifier should be entered in the body of the action.

Action Type - Open Url

This action allows you to open an external link in a new browser window. The URL of the link is set in the body of the action and can contain special substrings that are replaced with the current values of the object's attributes before opening: %LAT - latitude
%LON - longitude
%IMEI - object IMEI


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