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Onebrella is a GPS tracking and IoT platform. It supports a wide range of vehicle/personal GPS trackers and mobile applications. Also, it works with BLE sensors and IoT devices.

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Friendly and mobile interface

Simple and friendly interface. Works great on both tablets and smartphones. The interface is available in 14 languages.


Receiving push notifications about your trackers' events to a smartphone or mobile device (via mobile applications, Telegram, and Viber). The ability to receive notifications by mail.

Analytic reviews, graphs, history of movements

A wide range of reports, including graphs and charts. The ability to receive reports by mail. Displaying tracks of objects for selected historical time intervals.

GPS tracking service
For small business

Fleet management for small business

The platform allows you to get information about where your vehicles at the moment. On one screen, you can see the locations of your vehicles and their movement in real-time mode. You can analyze the movement tracks of your vehicles for any selected period of time.

It has everything you need to monitor a small fleet of vehicles: driver management, historical reports, tasks management, and other features.

A wide range of reports is available such as mileage, fuel consumption, and visiting specific locations. Detailed reports are created in the form of charts and tables.

The system gives notice about various events related to the vehicle's fleet and supports various trackers for vehicles.
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For personal use

For personal use

GPS tracking software allows you to monitor your family members' whereabouts and receive information on their arrival or leaving of specific locations.

Onebrella can be used for friends and colleagues to keep informed about the delays in arrival for meetings and to share interesting walking routes and travel.

Service supports various vehicle/personal GPS trackers, iOS/Android apps, and GPS-watches for kids.

Why choose us?

No risks

Basic functionality is free of charge. You can try out the fleet GPS tracking system without any investment


You can work with the platform from any iOS/Android mobile device or notebook. Also, you have access via the Viber and Telegram bots.


The built-in scripting language allows you to customize business logic for your specific tasks flexibly


If you did not find your device or application in the lists, contact us, and we will try to integrate it.

Supported trackers/protocols

List of supported trackers and protocols

Supported mobile apps

List of supported mobile applications

Android Client

Application to access from Android devices

Telegram Bot

Bot to access via Telegram

Viber Bot

Bot to access via Viber


Service is provided free of charge.