Release notes

Date Description
2018.12.09 The integrating the Vialatm service with the "The Things Network" service has been implemented. Vialatm now supports the zTrack device working on the LoRaWAN protocol.
2018.12.03 Added a new type of device - CargoUFC. It should be configured to port 7721. Vialatm service supports all models of the device vendor.
2018.11.10 Added a new type of device Topin. It should configured to port 7720. It works using the modified GT06 protocol (ZhongXun Topin Locator Communication Protocol).
2018.11.07 New report in the service: "Person". The report displays information on the persons associated with the object (driver, operator, family member). The map between sessions saves the location and the selected zoom.
2018.11.06 Two reports have been added to the service: Trip report for selected object and Trip report for objects in group. Implemented the ability to restrict user access in a group to a specified time.
2018.11.05 Two reports have been added to the service: a report on commands sent to objects and a report on objects. If the report on objects is launched on behalf of the account holder, then all objects belonging to the owner are displayed in it; when you run the report on behalf of the user, it displays all objects of the user group.
2018.11.03 Updated management model of persons associated with objects. Added the ability to add photos of people. Details ...
2018.10.31 In the object panel you can add a photo of the object.
2018.10.29 Added two macros to the scripting language:
.ODM_LIMIT MAX_MILEAGE. - accumulates the object's mileage data and, when it is reaching MAX_MILEAGE, resets the data to zero
.ODM_EVENT "Label in Tooltip", INTERVAL_KM,"Event Text".- accumulates the object's mileage data and, when INTERVAL_KM is reached, resets the data to zero and creates the event "Event Text"
In the scripting language, you can use both macros. The first to calculate the total mileage, the second to form events about the passage of a certain distance. Notifications based on events can be generated. Examples:
.ODM_LIMIT 800000
.ODM_EVENT "Mileage interval",40000,"40K passed"
2018.10.28 Over the next month, the Android app will be available for download only on the VIALATM website. A new version 1.41 has been published in which the bug with GMT offset has been fixed when receiving reports in the application. Download link:
2018.10.20 Android application has been removed from Google Play (by the reason "Malicious Behavior: your app's description claims to allow users to track others"). While this problem is being solved, you can use the link to download the application from the vialtm website:
2018.10.15 In mobile applications for Android, the ability to receive reports on objects is implemented.
2018.10.14 The object attributes panel is available in the object panel. Service providers can create their own attribute sets. Details ...
2018.08.22 A new version of the mobile client for Android has been published. Improved interface and implemented the ability to send commands to objects.
2018.08.08 A new version of the mobile client for iOS has been published. Improved interface and implemented the ability to send commands to objects.
2018.07.30 The scripting language has been extended with new features. Read post Example of a script using the new features of the scripting language.
2018.07.26 Updates for Service Providers: In the service provider settings, you can set the location that will be displayed for clients on the default map.
2018.07.14 In the VIALATM service, objects can be assigned tasks. Currently, the following types of tasks are implemented: "Manual defined a task", "Visiting Geofence" and "Visiting POI." A POI is considered visited if the object is within a radius of 100m from the center of the POI. For geofences and POI, the task is considered completed if all the specified geo-objects are visited. For objects with assigned tasks, the "task" icon is displayed in the objects list. The blue color of the icon indicates that the task is active; green - completed; red - exceeded the deadline for the task. When processing tasks, the following events can be generated: "Task assigned", "Task completed", "Task canceled" and "Task deadline expired". Notifications(PUSH and email) can be generated by these events.
2018.07.12 The VIALATM service is organized to support the work of service providers. Functions for service providers.
2018.07.10 Now in the VIALATM service, you can create not only geo-zones but also POI objects.
2018.07.01 1) A tooltip appears for the restore buttons of saved settings in the chart panel.
2) If service receives a sequence of two or more invalid messages from the object, an alert icon is displayed for this object. After receipt of the correct message, the icon disappears.
3) In the object's script panel, you can display the current state of all object attributes (an additional button has been added).
4) When you add an object to the service, all attributes are marked by default for display in the tooltip.
2018.06.25 If you do not need to modify the structure and/or properties of groups, a quick transition between groups can be done by clicking on the name of the current group at the bottom of the screen.
2018.06.16 Implemented support for sending commands to devices type of Teltonika and Ruptela.
2018.06.15 Commands Only the owner of an object(who create the object) can create, edit and update command templates for the selected object (templates available for all objects of the selected type). When a user is not the owner of the object but has permissions for command panel, he can send commands from template set (created by owner) and delete command in the queue.
RFID If value of RFID, in the incoming messages, contains less than 6 characters, RFID attribute ignored in the incoming message.
Notifications In "Equals to" for condition "An event generated by the object" you may set * (Text: *). In this case notification will generated by any event in an incoming message.
2018.06.09 New operators and functions have been added in the Vialatm script language. Examples of using the script to work with geofences
2018.05.28 The final version of defining and editing permissions for the users created in the service has been published.
2018.05.27 Implemented the ability to display reports directly in the web client application (without opening a new page or tab in the browser).
2018.04.22 Implemented the display of statistics on the resources used in the account.
2018.04.21 The management of the list of drivers (associated with object persons) has been completely redesigned. Now, to assign a driver, you do not need to create a user. The list of drivers is associated with the owner of this object.
2018.04.19 IoT commands control has been moved from the mini-widget to the config panel. You can create commands with or without parameters. The substring to the last slash is passed as a subscription path, after it the value of the command parameter.
2018.04.18 In the script editor panel, you can display the predefined variables for the current object.
2018.04.17 The functionality of working with gprs commands has been improved. (At the moment GPRS commands are implemented for Coban, Gt06, H02, IWatcherAvl, Meitrack and Gl000 types. The list will be expanded) GPRS_COMMANDS.pdf.
2018.04.09 The section "Docs and Tutorials" has been created on the site. The manual VIALATM SCRIPT is published.
2018.04.04 If you want to define the same script for a group of devices, you do not need to define it for each object. You can define a script for a group. If the script is defined for the object, then object script is applied, otherwise, the script for the group is applied.
2018.03.27 If the Help icon has a green sub-icon, it means that the service has been updated. When you click on the icon, the support panel opens and the green News icon appears on the bottom block. When you click on this icon, release notes page opens.
2018.03.26 The service completely updated the system for creating and working with notifications about the events of IOT objects and GPS trackers. Read more ...
2018.03.07 All IO elements of the Teltonika devices are available in the VIALATM service. Introducing the short guide -> Working with IO elements Teltonika
2018.03.05 Web pages for observers have been moved to separate resources. For active observers, users need to update the links. There are four types of "observers" in the VIALATM service ->
2018.03.03 For security reasons, the interface element that allows saving the login and password on the device has been removed from the service. For this purpose, use the standard features of browsers. The active session is valid for 48 hours from the date of the last request from the client. That is, if you left the application page without log out and open the web app for the next 48 hours, then you do not need to enter a login and password.
2018.02.25 User sessions are now saved between service restarts. Only one active session for the account is allowed. That is, if you log into your account from another computer or through a mobile application, all other active sessions for your account are marked as invalid.
2018.02.09 If the last message does not contain GPS coordinates but contains information about cell towers, a special icon appears in the objects table for this device. The object icon on the map always displays the last location by GPS coordinates. When clicking on an object in the table, it is possible by request to display the location calculated based on cell towers info.
2018.01.21 If the last message does not contain GPS coordinates but contains information about cell towers, a special icon appears in the objects table for this device. The object icon on the map always displays the last location by GPS coordinates. When clicking on an object in the table, it is possible by request to display the location calculated based on cell towers info.
2017.12.23 Many common trackers (models: Xexun, Coban, Eelink, Suntech, GpsMarker, Minifinder, TK, GT, TR, GpsWatch and many others) can be configured to one port 7750. VIALATM will determine by what protocol the data is transferred and use the necessary handler of incoming messages.
2017.11.15 In the user panel, you can specify the user name and his personal ID. Users who have a personal ID can be associated with the object.
2017.10.30 Bug fixed: Firefox does not display tooltips on some buttons.
2017.10.30 Bug fixed: It is impossible to view the settings of an object that has been moved into current group as shortcut if it belongs to another user.
2017.10.29 Implemented the possibility of assigning geozones to the selected object. If you select all geozones, then when you add a new geozone to the group, it is automatically added to the object's zones list.
2017.10.27 In the object list, the following are displayed: when the ignition is on, a special icon is displayed; a speed of the object if the message occurred less than 2 minutes ago.
2017.10.22 When the SOS events arrive, a modal dialog box opens
2017.10.21 The last event is displayed in the object table. SOS events are displayed within 5 minutes after they occur. Other events in the object table are available for 2 minutes.
2017.10.18 Bug fixed: In the "Mileage/Parking" report, the Start/Finish fields overlap each other.
2017.10.12 The email subject when sending a notification is made more informative. The text of notifications by email and in PUSH notifications is transmitted in the user's language. If the event has coordinates, a link is added to the email to display the location on Google Map.
2017.10.07 Bug fixed: After setting (or changing) the location of the IOT object, it becomes effective only after receipt of the next message from the object.
2017.10.07 Bug fixed: When setting the query time interval, it is not saved between requests. A user has to install it again every time.
2017.10.03 Bug fixed: After the object has been deleted, its icon remains on the map (if by the time of deletion the object was displayed on the map).
2017.10.03 The password of an object can be viewed and edited. Object's panel, buttons "Config" / "Password".
2017.10.03 Created and published "Release notes and Known Bugs" page. It is available only in English.