GPS tracking service

Your vehicles are
under your control
anytime, anywhere

Basic functionality
is FREE of charge

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Friendly and mobile interface

In one screen you can see the locations of your vehicles and their movement in real-time mode. Service works great on smartphones, tablets and laptops. The interface is available in 14 languages.


You receive push notifications about events (speeding, entering / leaving geofences and other events) on your smartphone/tablet apps or in the web browser. It is possible to receive notifications by email.

Reports, graphs, tracks history

A wide range of reports, including graphs and charts. You have the opportunity to receive reports by mail. You can analyze the movement tracks of your vehicles for any selected periods of time.

Fleet management reports

Why choose us?

No risks

Basic functionality is free. You can try out the Vialatm service without any investment


You can work with the platform from any iOS/Android mobile device or notebook


A built-in scripting language allows you to customize the business logic of the platform flexible