Known bugs

Firefox does not display tooltips on some buttons.
It is impossible to view the settings of an object that has been moved into current group as shortcut if it belongs to another user.
In the "Mileage/Parking" report, the Start/Finish fields overlap each other.

Release notes

Date Description
2017.10.12 The email subject when sending a notification is made more informative. The text of notifications by email and in PUSH notifications is transmitted in the user's language. If the event has coordinates, a link is added to the email to display the location on Google Map.
2017.10.07 Bug fixed: After setting (or changing) the location of the IOT object, it becomes effective only after receipt of the next message from the object.
2017.10.07 Bug fixed: When setting the query time interval, it is not saved between requests. A user has to install it again every time.
2017.10.03 Bug fixed: After the object has been deleted, its icon remains on the map (if by the time of deletion the object was displayed on the map).
2017.10.03 The password of an object can be viewed and edited. Object's panel, buttons "Config" / "Password".
2017.10.03 Created and published "Release notes and Known Bugs" page. It is available only in English.